Open Source Bits and Bobs

GnuPG Insta-Party Signature List Verification Script

Some key-signing parties are conducted in a way that the a file containing the fingerprints is distributed to everybody, and is then verified to be correct by its SHA1 hash. Then, the keyring is made available to the public. Now the question is whether the signatures in the keyring are the same as those in the file.

To resolve it, I wrote a script that checks the signatures in the file and verifies that they are the same as those reported by GPG in the key-ring. You can freely use it under the terms of the MIT X11 license.

Using it I signed the keys, by first running it, and then using kgpg (part of kdeutils) to sign all the keys at once. Truly an improvement over the time, where I signed each key individually, using my password like a zillion times.

TWiki Installation Scripts

This is a collection of bash scripts I wrote to automate the installation of TWiki - a popular Wiki implementation.

Open Inventor 3-D BSD Daemon

An OpenInventor-based three-dimensional model of Beastie the BSD Daemon, created as a Technion project in the Computer Graphics course.

Patch for Gringotts

This is a patch for gringotts that allows it to compile with the latest Gtk+, and fixes some other annoyances.

X-Chat /nowplay command using XMMS

What this little Perl script does is register an X-Chat command called /nowplay, that whenever invoked displays a message of "/me is listening to My Artist - My Song" in the current channel. Feel free to make any use of it whatsoever under the terms of the MIT X11 license. You need to install the Xmms-Perl distribution and have the X-Chat Perl interface. To use, make it executable and put it under your $HOME/.xchat2 directory.

Revert an (old-versioned) PMWiki Wiki to a previous state

This is a Perl script I wrote to revert a PMWiki Wiki to a previous state after my Wiki has been spammed. Read the instructions at the top of the script. Note that the format of the PMWiki pages has changed since the version for which this script was intended.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Scripts for Greasemonkey.