Favourite Free Software of Mine

This page documents my favourite pieces of free software. You are welcome to check these packages out, and see if they are useful to you as well.


Linux is a UNIX clone for many platforms including regular PCs. It is fast, stable, powerful and very cool.

Desktop Applications

KDE - The K Desktop Environment

KDE is an attractive and powerful desktop environment for UNIXes.


Mozilla is a cross-platform web-browser which is standards-compliant and has many powerful features.

Plug-ins for Mozilla


Konqueror is a nice web-browser and file manager for the KDE environment.


A nice IRC client for X-Windows.


IceWM is a lightweight but functional window manager for X-Windows.


A very nice and convenient multi-protocol instant messaging client for Linux and other platforms.



My favourite language by far. Perl is a high-level language with many powerful features and a very rapid development time. It has a very rich and comprehensive culture around it, and is good for use in many diverse areas.

GCC - the GNU Compiler Collection

A powerful, portable and reliable C/C++/other languages compiler. A must for any programmer on a UNIX system.

Vim - VI Improved

A powerful, portable editor which is very lightweight and nice.


This is a version-control system with style. Runs on UNIXes and Windows.

Web Development

The Apache Web-server

A powerful, secure and reliable web-server for many platforms including UNIX and Win32.


A Perl subsystem for Apache, that greatly accelerates it and provides other capabilities.

Website Meta Language

WML is a powerful generator for offline HTML content. I now use it for most of my sites, including this one.

Libwww-perl (LWP)

LWP is a very powerful Perl framework for retrieving documents from the World Wide Web. It's a must if you want to automate web processes in Perl.


The GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

A powerful image-processing application.

XMMS - The X Multimedia System

A WinAmp clone for X-Windows, that is better than the original.


A capable multimedia player that can play any video format under the sun.


A great player for many popular variants of MOD files with excellent quality, wonderful portability, and very good performance.


A very nice cross-platform vector graphics program.

Illiminable Ogg Directshow Filters for Free Codecs for Windows Media Player (WMP), etc.

These are filters to enable playing of the Ogg Vorbis file formats and other open codecs in Microsoft's Windows Media Player. All the other filters are found were out-of-date, required hackish tweaks, and even did not play the files well or supported visualization. Illiminable's on the other hand works well out of the box.



A high-quality type-setting system.


A document preparation system that can create HTML, PDF, Word RTF - all from the same source.


A feature-rich cross-platform office suite.



A comprehensive, and feature-rich collection of Solitaire games. It's written in Python and so is cross-platform.



A powerful and easy-to-use mail client for the KDE environment. Has excellent internationalization.


A very nice Junk E-mail filtering mechanism that makes reading the inbox much more enjoyable.


A command-line utility for fetching URLs and documents from the Internet through various protocols. Very powerful and feature-rich.


Another command-line URL fetcher which has proven useful. Also a library for use within your C programs.


A set of Perl modules that enables one to manage the E-mail folders, prune old messages, etc. Very very nice, but kinda slow.


A useful UNIX utility that can be used to sort and process incoming E-mail messages.


A feature-rich tool for incremental remote transfer of files.


A graphical tool for recording, analyzing and displaying network conversations. Very useful for debugging networking protocols and for other purposes.