Math-Ventures - Mathematics in Real-Life

This section of my homepage is dedicated to various math problems that I encountered in real-life or thought about them myself and managed to solve. I have a couple of others which I'm still pondering, and I may add a page with their description some time later.

This page is under construction. Some of the links may not point anywhere, and some of the articles may be incomplete. They will be completed sooner or later. Please mail your comments, suggestions and (hopefully not ;) ) corrections here.

In any case, here goes:

Combinatorics and the art of Dungeons and Dragons

Throw 4 dice, ignore the die with the lowest number, and sum the 3 remaining numbers. What is the average of such throw?

On and on it seems to go...

A digital code is transmitted continuously so that its last digit is immidiately followed by the first digit of the next iteration. Since its start cannot be determined: how many possible codes of a certain length exist?

What's the volume of a dodecahedron?

How I calculated the volume of a dodecahedron - a perfect body with 12 sides, each with a shape of a perfect pentagon.

A solidarian disco circle

When is it possible to have a disco circle in which every boy dances with every girl exactly once?

Toggling squares is not that trivial...

How a Java puzzle I encountered on the web, triggered me and its creator into a full mathematical analysis of it.

Bugs in a square

My own solution to a rather famous problem of four bugs that follow each other.