Open Source Software I wrote

Freecell Solver

A program and a library written in ANSI C that automatically solves games of Freecell and similar Solitaire variants.

Latemp - a Content Management System for Static HTML Page

Latemp is a content management system for generatic sophisticated static HTML sites. It is based on the excellent Website Meta Language by Ralf S. Engelschall and Denis Barbier. This site and others are generated using Latemp.


Short for Quick-and-Dirty Presentations, this is a tool written in Perl for preparing HTML presentations. Based on WebMetaLanguage.

IP-Noise Simulator

A simulator for IP-Noise for Linux systems based on the Linux Kernel version 2.4.x or above.

MikMod for Java

A port of the well-known MOD player MikMod (that was originally written in ANSI C) to Java.

Gradient-Fu Patch for the GIMP

A patch for Gimp 1.2.x that exposes gradient editing to the procedural database and to scripting interfaces.

A First-Come First-Served Readers/Writers Lock

An implementation of it for POSIX Threads, which can also be used as a reference implementation.


An automatic solver for Logic Mazes written in Perl.


A collection of web-related Perl CPAN modules.

My CPAN Modules

I wrote several modules for CPAN - the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.

Bits and Bobs

A random collection of small programs I created, and are made available to the public.

Contributions to Open Source Software

This page lists contributions I made to open-source projects which I have not initiated.

Software Resources

Cross-Platform Abstraction Libraries for Portability

A small directory of libraries that make writing applications that run on UNIXes as well as on Windows 32-bit easier.

Software Building and Management Tools

A small directory of tools for building, configuring and maintaining software.

The "Better SCM" Initiative

An initiative meant to advance the projects that aim to create publicly available better tools for revision control.

The Perl Beginners Site

A site for Perl Beginners.

Favourite Free Software

This contains a list of some of my favourite free software packages out there.

Interviews with Open Source People

These are a collection of interviews I conducted with people of the open source community.