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Stop Software Patents in Europe!

The European Parliament is going to vote on software patents soon. Already, many harmful and/or trivial patents were accepted in Europe, which are just waiting for a proper legal status to become enforcable.

While it is not necessary that all software patents are invalid, obviously most of them are, and so the best thing to do is to prevent them from becoming legally enforcable. Stop software patents now!

Refer to the FFII Page about this for more information.

About this Site

This is the personal site of Shlomi Fish. I am an Israeli software developer, writer, essayist, and occasional lecturer.

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Personal Info

Bio, C.V.'s and other information about the man behind the name Shlomi Fish.


Site Attractions


Some humorous writings and aphorisms I came up with. Read and enjoy!


This section is devoted to mathematical problems which I encountered at real-life or thought about.

Computer Art

Various computer art I created with explanations about how I created it.

Cool Links List

Lectures given to the Haifa Linux Club

Open-Source Software I wrote

My own opinion on DeCSS

Just to show my support...



Several new additions were added to the site. The art section now contains two new pieces. I also added a new script to the "Open Source Bits and Bobs section". Several new programs were added to my favourite free software. Some new languages were added to the "Ways to do it" according to the programming languages of the World page.

Some of my newer projects are now mentioned in my resumeés. I added a link to presentation about Web Publishing using LAMP. Finally, the Objectivism and Open Source essay was expanded with two new chapters.


I now have a personal ad. I'm looking for a girlfriend who lives in Central Israel.


The full but incomplete text of "The Human Hacking Field Guide" is now available online for your reading pleasure.


I added a section to my links collection with links to my favourite collections of pictures and wallpapers. Otherwise, I now cross-post my weblog in and you can use its commenting system to post comments to its entries.

MikMod for Java has moved to a new homepage at Berlios where I hope other people would be able to contribute more efficiently than before. The Gimp Automated Testing Framework is a new project of mine. Check it out if you're interested.

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