Shlomi Fish' Philosophical Writings


A new philosophical/political initiative that aims to solve all the world's political problems, country by country.


Open Source, Free Software and Other Beasts

An essay I wrote about the various terms involved in the open source world, their meaning and origin.

"Usability" of the Perl Online World for Newcomers

An essay about how suitable is the Perl online world for newcomers to the langauge and how can everyone individually change the situation. You can also check a PDF version, the DocBook/XML sources and an executive summary.

Objectivism and Open Source

An article about why Open Source is compatible with the Objectivist Philosophy and Ideaology.

The Eternal Jew

An article that nicely summarizes the principals of my view on self and of life. Do you think highly of yourself? Do you think highly of yourself enough? Do you think you can influence the world? It's all there.

A Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

An essay that outlines a short term and long term solution to the Israeli- Palestian conflict.

Random (Practical) Ideas I have

I have quite a lot of ideas which could prove of value to others. In this, I'm trying to put them online in hope they will be materialized by someone else. (it's lame, but everyone else is doing it)


The Hackers-IL Archives

You can find philosophical posts I wrote there, mainly about computers. Be sure to read other people's comments on them too. Note that I changed my mind on some of them after their initial posting.

The Philosophy-IL Archives

Another group that I'm a member of and regularily posts stuff there.


I also post there occasionally.