Shlomi Fish' Humorous Creations

I very much enjoy humorous things and like to laugh or be amused a lot. Since I was 19 years old, I've also been creating my own funny pieces, and decided to put them on this web-site for everybody to see. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them, and still enjoy thinking about them.

Large-scale Creations

"The Enemy" Series

This is a series of stories telling the whereabouts of the ex-Member of the Organization.

The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it

A political satire about the situation that prevailed in the Israeli-Lebanese border. Lots of exits about mathematical logic, and a general critique of the irrationality guiding political bodies.

The Road to Heaven is Paved with Bad Intentions

The sequel to "The Enemy". The ex-Member travels back in time and tries to prevent World War II.

The One with the Fountainhead

A two-part episode of Friends that parodies the book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. Note that I received input from one person who is not familiar with the show, yet enjoyed this work very much.

The Pope Died on Sunday

A description of an insane week in the life of a female American graphic artist. A typical Holywoodian story with not so Hoywoodian elements. Work under progress, and available only in Hebrew for the time being.


A parody about humanity and modern life in particular. Humanity describes a day in the life of a Semitic city circa 500 B.C. Work under progress.

The Human Hacking Field Guide

A teen-story (sort-of), but one that will appeal to grown-ups as well. Also may serve as propaganda for getting more youngsters involved in programming and engineering.

Small-scale Creations

Humour Archive

An archive of funny bits and pieces I wrote and collected through the years.

Fortune Cookies Collection

A collection of files for the UNIX fortune program (that can also be read with a naked eye) that consist of several collections of funny or enlightening quotes.

Ways to Do It According to the Programming Languages of the World

Take the Perl motto ("There's more than one way to do it") and extrapolate it to the other programming languages out there.

IRPWUG Announces Project WYSIWYT

The "International Really Pissed-off Windows Users Group" announces the project "What you See is What you Think".

The GPL is not Compatible with Itself

Introducing RMS-Lint

Announcement of a tool to facilitate communication with Richard M. Stallman. See also the Slashdot discussion.