The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it

This is a story I wrote and I placed it here so many Internet surfers will be able to read it and comment. Basically it's a political satire that was inspired by the political situation in the Middle East.

You are welcome to read it online, or if you prefer download the file in the MS-Word format to your computer and read it there.

You may freely mirror it, distribute it or translate it to other languages.

I originally wrote this story as a way to digest the many things I learned by reading the Neo-Tech material my father bought. I believe it serves as a mathematical proof that the Hizbulla and similar organizations are as irrational as they can be.

Now it has a sequel: The Road to Heaven is Paved with Bad Intentions.

Hebrew version (original)

MS-Word 6.0 Format

English translation

MS-Word 6.0 Format

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The Neo-Tech Homepage - The philosophical foundation behind the story, which is a recommended read anyhow.
The Bastard Operator from Hell - Strangely enough, that's the story that most inspired me to write this one. It probably would make little sense if you are not familiar with UNIX concepts.
John Allen Paulos - a mathematics professor who wrote two books about the connection between mathematics and philosophy and humour. Both are very recommended reads, and "The Enemy" is littered with Mathematical Logic exits