The Pope Died on Sunday

A story by Shlomi Fish

Note for 3-April-2005: This story is unrelated to the recent death of Pope John Paul II. I wrote most of what you can find here several years ago (here's my first announcement of its writing). It's also not finished yet.

This story aims to tell the tale of a rather insane week in the life of an American female graphic artist named Rachel Southern. A typical Hollywoodian story with not-so-typical elements. Currently, only a Hebrew version is available. If you would like to read the HTML version on-line use Internet Explorer 5 and above for Windows, or a Mozilla-based browser for any platform. Konqueror may display it correctly or it may not.

This story is work in progress, so stay tuned and I'll write it as time goes by. Send your comments by E-mail to



After a long time of almost complete neglect, I did some serious work on the story. Many parts were seriously revamped, and new parts were added. Some of the bits at the end were connected together.

Due to the change of the primary working environment (from Windows to Linux and from Microsoft Word to, there is now a change of available formats. The drafts are now available in .SXW, HTML, and PDF.